It’s Christmas

SSA Choir, Descant/Solo & Piano/Harp
Text by Isabelle Weigel-Mohamed
Music by Joannie Ing

A setting of an original poem by Isabelle Weigel-Mohamed, scored for SSA choir, descant/solo and piano (or optional harp), and suitable for both secular and sacred settings. Winner of the Amadeus Choir’s 2016 Christmas Songwriting Competition.

Performed by the Amadeus Choir and the Bach Children’s Chorus (Toronto, 2016)

Verse 1

Snow falls from the rooftops, whispering without a sound
Fog forms in the crisp night air, shimmering white on the ground


It’s Christmas, oh it’s Christmas! Yellows and reds and greens
It’s Christmas, oh it’s Christmas! The most magical day that we’ve seen

Verse 2

Friends and families together, dancing and singing alive.
In their warm sparkly sweaters Grandma happened to find


Like a flower, a flame, it blooms
Midnight hour, golden rooms
The smell of smoke, it drifts on by
You might notice the smell of pine
Oh, it’s so divine, so divine!

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