For Little Things

SATB A Cappella
verse Text from “For Little Things” by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Music BY Joannie Ing

An original work inspired by the writings of Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables). It is scored for SATB a cappella and uses the verse text from the poem. The text emphasizes the need to enjoy and take notice of the simple things of life, cherishing each moment of every day.

Performed by York University Chamber Choir (2017)

Verse 1

Last night I looked across the hills
And through an arch of darkling pine
Low-swung against a limpid west
I saw a young moon shine.

Verse 2

And as I gazed there blew a wind,
Loosed where the sylvan shadows stir,
Bringing delight to soul and sense
The breath of dying fir.


Little things, little things
I often take for granted,
I think it’s always there
Little things, little things
Let’s stop for a moment
And cherish what we have.

Verse 3

This morn I saw a dancing host
Of poppies in a garden way,
And straight my heart was mirth-possessed
And I was glad as they.

Verse 4

I heard a song across the sea
As sweet and faint as echoes are,
And glimpsed a poignant happiness
No care of earth might mar.

Verse 5

Dear God, our life is beautiful
In every splendid gift it brings,
But most I thank Thee humbly for
The joy of little things.

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